What do I wear to Pageant Registration?

Pageant registration can be filled with nervousness, butterflies, and chaos, but you want to make it look like you are just fine. You want to show the other ladies that you have what it takes to win.

Many girls wonder what to wear to pageant registration, and being in the Miss Utah USA world, here is what some of the girls decided to wear, and what our pageant director suggested would be good.

“Something cute but casual and comfy enough to rehears in! It can be a cute sundress, jeans and a T-shirt, just something cute that you would wear to school but something you can dance in!” – Rylee Kier Coggins


“I usually wear something cute and comfortable since we do rehearsals” – Gentry Katherine


“I’m wearing a red dress and tippy tops. Super simple so I can get changed into my opening number dress for photos. But I also have packed a couple comfy clothes and joggers to rehears in.” – Kori Hardkor Laurel

Those are just a few suggestions that some pageant ladies had for registration outfits, feel free to add your own!