5 Things You Should Know about Hair Painting/Balayage

things you should know about hair painting balayage

Hair painting and balayage highlights, where do I begin? They are the new hair coloring style that I am obsessed with, so let me share with you my hair painting wisdom. :)

Little did I know, when I found her on Instagram, all of my favorite hair photos of her clients were using a “hair painting” technique, something I have seen a ton but I never knew the name for the style. Thank you Britny for your amazing hair painting, and for sharing your balayage highlighting wisdom!
I wanted to share with you an intro to hair painting, and some things you should know about the technique before you decide to get it done on your hair!

Hair Painting

What is Hair Painting? 

Hair painting, or balayage highlights, is a sun-kissed natural looking hair color technique with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Think of the look as someone getting highlights by sitting and laying out in the sun.


As Britny explained, a lot of people are nervous about hair painting because they are used to having their hair in a bunch of foil.

What are the Costs?

The initial cost of hair painting is more expensive than foil because there is a very specific technique that goes into it, but in the long run you do not have to get your hair done as much.

Can I Do it Myself?

As Britny was doing my hair, I realized how easy it would have been for someone with little experience to make this look come out extremely bad. Hair painting is not something that you should do on your own. Not everyone knows how to hair paint and it takes a lot of training and mastering techniques to do it correctly.

Where do I find a Stylist that Specializes in Hair Painting/Balayage?

Britny suggested that people always find a hairdresser on Instagram. This way you can look at their portfolio and what they have done. And this fits perfectly with where I found her to do my hair… on Instagram! Instagram is really a great tool to find someone that fits your style.

I hope you enjoyed this quick hair painting guide! Feel free to add your thoughts/tips/comments below!