The Power of Forgiveness – Elizabeth Smart

My Story, by Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart spoke about the power of forgiveness at this year’s Athena Awards in Utah highlighting the successes of women in business.

Her keynote was incredible. She spoke about her horrifying kidnapping when she was just a little girl. Sharing her experiences with grace, she was not afraid to express her feelings and thoughts about the events that occurred.

Traveling the world and meeting other women who have overcome similar experiences and even more difficult trials, she explained how her next book will be highlighting some of the stories of women who have overcome extreme trials and what lessons they have learned through their experiences.

After sharing her story and feelings surrounding her kidnapping, she left the audience with a very valuable piece of advice, “learn to forgive.” She explained how no one told her she ever had to forgive the people that kidnapped her, and no one would have expected her to, but she felt that she had to do it for herself. By learning to forgive, she explained how she is not letting that experience control her. She is able to love fully, enjoy her children, enjoy her life, and not hold on to horrible feelings that would not allow her to experience her life fully with hope and love.