Designing Your Future – Donna Morris

donna morrisDonna Morris, EVP of Customer and Employee Experience at Adobe, spoke to the Utah community about designing your future at the Women Tech Council’s annual holiday social.

The Women Tech Council focuses on supporting women in technology through leadership, networking, and mentoring opportunities.

Donna Morris is a true advocate for working women and a leader in technology innovation. To help women enterimg the workforce and looking to advance their careers, she shared five valuable tips for driving a successful future and career:

Identify and Maximize your Strengths

She explained how as women, we should focus on identifying the things we are extremely good at, and maximize on those areas, using our s strengths to our advantage.

Create a Long-Term Plan

Donna explained how men are much more likely to have a plan when entering the workforce, where they have career goals and personal goals they want to meet; whereas women are much less likely to define a plan, and more likely to go with the flow. She explained how it is critical to identify a plan and work towards it.

Build a Network

Networking is another important way to create opportunities in the community to grow professionally.

Take Risks

Look for opportunities, and be willing to take risks. Men are much more likely to feel they are qualified for a position than women, when both might have the same background and skills.

Never Stop Learning

Donna explained, how in today’s connected world, it is critical to always be learning and growing. Technology is changing daily, and in order to keep up with demands, it is important to always bettering yourself.

It was truly inspiring to hear from such an incredible woman that continues to inspire working women and women in STEM everywhere to reach for their dreams.