yorkie puppy tips

3 Yorkie Puppy Training Tips for New Moms

My boyfriend and I recently got a yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) and we absolutely love, Love, LOVE her. There are all these books out there that prepare you for having a…

Top 10 Pre-Made Eye Shadow Palettes of 2015

I want to compile a list of the top 10 pre-made eye shadow palettes of 2015. Although many people (like me) hate spending a lot of money on makeup, having…

Top 4 Most Photogenic Foundations

Recently getting into modeling and pageantry, I have been searching the forums, boards, and my various Instagram makeup inspirations for the best-most-amazing photogenic foundations. Here is my list of the…

What do I wear to Pageant Registration?

Pageant registration can be filled with nervousness, butterflies, and chaos, but you want to make it look like you are just fine. You want to show the other ladies that…

how to do miss usa pageant hair 1

Miss USA Pageant Hair Tutorial

Competing in my first pageant this year, I learned a lot about how to do Miss USA pageant hair, how to do pageant makeup, how to walk on stage, how…

how to love yourself quote book

7 Quotes that will Change How You Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself Like your Life Depends on It Starting this site, my main goal is to learn how to really love myself. To do something that I feel…

casual  shoot

Casual Utah Dress Photoshoot

A casual Utah dress photoshoot.

yoga modeling stock photo alecsy

Workout Photoshoot

Workout photoshoot.

Face Painting Photoshoot

Face Painting Photoshoot

yoga modeling stock photography shoot

Yoga Stock Photography Photoshoot

A stock photography photoshoot for yoga.