7 Makeup Tricks from Miss Utah Teen USA 2013

7 makeup tricks miss utah teen usa

This blog is a compilation of some great makeup tricks that most pageant girls will agree on, but that many women might not know about right off the bat.

Chloe Bennett (Miss Utah Teen USA 2013), was gracious enough to come and give me and amazing makeover and some awesome tips for creating the most photogenic makeup look for my pageant headshots.

Here are 7 makeup tricks that you will LOVE! Perfect for creating a great portrait shot or for pageant headshots!

(1) Highlight Under the Eyes

For this trick, use a light color foundation, concealer, or highlighter to highlight right under your eyes in almost an upside down triangle towards the bottom of your nose. The Perfect Face carries a great concealer/highlighter for under the eye contouring.

(2) Highlight Down the Nose

Another great trick using the same highlighter or foundation, is to highlight down the bridge of your nose in a light foundation color. This will bring out a great outline of your nose, and if you use a darker color on the sides, can create the illusion that your nose is very small!

(3) Use a Drop of Blue Eyeshadow on your Waterline

For this trick, grab a bright blue or green eyeshadow color, and put a dab of it right under your iris on your waterline. This will bring out the color in your eyes and make it more pronounced.

(4) Put Eyeliner on your Top Waterline

One trick that really makes your eyes look flawless is to add eyeliner to your top waterline, in whatever color you are lining your eyes with. When Chloe did my makeup, she used black eyeliner, and added this to my top waterline as well. This makes a more dramatic look.

(5) Get Luscious Lips with Angelia Layton’s Lipstick Trick

One of my favorite ways to do my lips is in Angelia Layton’s Soft Glam video. She lines her lips with a dark liner, then does an ombre effect with a lighter liner in the middle, then puts lip stain on top of the combination, adds some lipstick and some lip gloss, and creates the most perfect lips for headshots.

(6) Set Your Eyeshadow

Another trick I learned from Chloe was to set your eyeshadow first, before you do your eye makeup. If you use an eyeshadow primer, and then a powder over the top of it, it will help the eyeshadow to last longer and to not move from its position on your eyes.

(7) Do Your Foundation After your Eyeshadow

To get a flawless foundation look, try applying your foundation after you finish your eyeshadow. This way, if you accidentally mess up on your eyeshadow and it goes out of bounds from where you want it to be, or you get eyeshadow powder below your eyes, you can easily clean up the look by putting foundation over the blemishes.

Thank you Chloe for an amazing makeover, I had so much fun! And thanks for your awesome tips as well!

makeup tricks chloe bennett