5 James Bond Theme Party Ideas

james bond theme party ideas

Creating the ultimate James Bond themed party for adults on a budget can be simple and easy, it just takes a few decorations, props, and great friends.

This year for New Years my friends and I created the ULTIMATE James Bond Themed 007 New Years party that turned out extremely fun, and it was not even that expensive to create!

1) How to Setup your Photo Booth

For our photo booth, we used two different setups. With one setup we used gold shiny fabric from Wal Mart for our backdrop, this was inexpensive and looked great! We secured the material to the wall with thumbtacks. With the other setup, we used two of Zurcher’s red metallic table covers and lined the wall with them, and then put awesome decorations on top!

james bond theme party

2) What Decorations to Buy

For the decorations on the photo booth, and for decorations around the house, we bought a few pack of foil star cutouts from Zurchers, in both gold and silver, and bought 16″ gold number balloons to create the “007” in the background (keep in mind these balloons cannot be filled with helium, so we blew them up with air and taped them to our backdrop). We also got about 10 gold balloons, and 10 black balloons and blew them up with helium.

james bond theme party backdrop

3) What Photo Booth Props to Get

For photo booth props, we used fun cone party hats, a felt top hat, and feather hats all from Zurchers, glitter, and a couple of toy guns that we got from the grocery store to add more of a 007 feel. These were great props that everyone had a fun time with!

james bond theme party idea

4) What Beverages to Get

We wanted the party to have some great drinks, so we got supplies to make jungle juice! Others I have seen have made martinis, or simple virgin drinks if you do not drink alcohol!

james bond party 007

What to Wear

I wore a gold cocktail dress from Sherri Hill, and a lot of other girls wore sparkly sequin dresses as well. We told the men to dress up in a nice button up shirt, tie (bow-tie preferably) and nice dress pants. The more dressed up, the better!

Feel free to comment your best James Bond party find or tip!!!